Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back on the Wagon

I need to get back on the exercise wagon! I did manage to get in a run Friday morning before my flight to CA (yay) BUT that has been my only one in almost a week. Luckily some motivation arrived in the mail yesterday…my running skirt! Sadly, it wasn’t enough motivation for me to get my booty out of bed this morning (couldn’t do it!). I’ve seen running skirts around and read the article in RW and decided it would be a good birthday present to myself. Hopefully it will get some wear this week =)…um…like tomorrow!

In other news, I started an online food journal at http://www.fitday.com/ . I liked this site because they have a TON of pre-programmed foods but they also let you create your own. So I entered a bunch of custom foods yesterday (stuff I know I like to eat that wasn’t in their catalogue). I’m committed to using it for at least one week, I’m trying out the Gazelle’s strategy. I’m hoping I can keep it up for one month but I’m committed to one week, starting yesterday. I also decided that at the end of the week (so next Monday) I’m going to post the results. Eek! This freaks me out a little but I think it will also help keep me accountable since I know I will have to post my habits. Yesterday was not such a good day. I had no idea how many calories I was consuming! I’m definitely motivated to be more careful about my daily intake. (Just need to get to the gym!) Stay tuned for my results…
Most of you know I was in California for the weekend for a girl’s weekend. Here are some pictures! We had a great time wine tasting and goin’ out in SF. (Though I gotta say, I missed my husband and I think I’m happier in a more chill atmosphere vs. a ragin’ party, I know I’m old.)