Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back from Kauai...=(

J and I arrived safely back to the mainland this morning, sad. We arrived to cloudy, gray, COLD weather...BOOO (have I mentioned I can't wait to move back to CA---sorry, I'll try to be more positive.) The overnight flight left J and I both pretty tired, since plane sleep is not really sleep. No workout for me today, I'll try to get back on the saddle tomorrow. I'm afraid to step on the scale, in fact I might wait til Friday to weigh in and see the damage. I'm guessing about a 5lb gain, despite being so active and sticking more or less to my schedule I ate crap!

Here is are a few more pics from the trip...enjoy!

Spouting Horn...it made this weird moaning sound too!
Kipu Falls...there is one of my brother-in-laws with his two kids...they made the jump. So did J...

Here's J! (I was too chicken, so I became the watcher of the stuff and the photographer.)

J and I hiked to the Secret Lava pools. They were said to be one of Kauai's great swimming holes...but some were a little shallow, all had fish and some were murky from algae.

BUT I got in just to say I was in! (...and b/c I had to pee and there was no bathroom in sight...sorry I know, TMI.)

Secret Beach...hardly anyone was there guess this one is still a "secret."

Wailua Falls...taller than Niagara Falls...this one was a drive up (very touristy, we didn't stay long.)

J catchin' a wave.

Sunset on our last night. It was amazing despite some cloud cover. We saw a giant turtle up close, it was only a little bit out in the water so we waded out to it. It was soooo neat...too bad the camera battery died!

Tomorrow it is back to the real world and back to work. Can't believe that I go back to work on my birthday! Speaking of birthdays...J's family celebrated our birthday's while on the trip (mine is tomorrow and J's is August 4th). One of my sister-in-laws gave me this:

A saying from my post on June 19th "Will Run for Wine?" (I don't know how to link back to that post.) I didn't know any of J's family knew about my blog. I thought it was so thoughtful of her to make my own "will run for..." shirt! VERY COOL!