Monday, July 14, 2008

Alooooha...Day 4

Aloha again from Hawaii. Sadly,I don't think we brought our camera cord so I can't post pictures but I can regale you all with my tales.

First, on the running/exercise-front things have been good! After the initial run I got in Saturday, J and I along with J's sister and J's Mom all went for a hike. It was beautiful hike along the Nounou mountains along the East side of Kauai. It was approximately 2 miles up (gaining about 1200 feet in elevation). The view from the top was as the guidebook promised, "once-in-a-lifetime." With a 360 view of most of the island, it was well worth the minor huffing and puffing (really not bad at all).

Sunday, J and I went for a run. He went 8 miles--go J! I turned around and called it quits after 4. Despite running at 6:30 am it's still very humid. I really want to get in a yoga session or a strength band session but the opportunity has yet to present itself. After running yesterday we drove through Waimea Canyon. Many movies have been shot in the canyon including scenes from Outbreak and Jurassic Park. I was expecting it to be a more jungle-like but the part of the canyon we went to looked more like a desert. I'll post pictures once I get home I promise.

Today, Monday, the first thing I thought of when I woke up is, "Man am I happy I don't have to go to work this morning." I feel for all of you that are at work. Not sure what I'm going to do today. It's only 6:50am at the moment so I have the whole day at my finger tips. At some point I'd like to teach J how to surf. I'm not great but I can get up on the board. Since we were away from the beach yesterday, I think I want to make today a beach day. I think I might skip my run today and maybe go for a long walk...there is supposed to be a pretty blow hole place a couple miles from our rental house, I might check that out. I might get in some yoga this morning too...who knows...all I know is, I'm writing this blog staring out at the blue ocean and hearing the surf crash into the sand thinking---THIS IS THE LIFE!