Thursday, June 19, 2008

Will run for wine?

At the marathon expo in San Diego, my husband saw all sorts of fun running shirts/socks. I especially liked the shirts from a company called One More Mile. My favorites were: “Find your happy pace” and “Will run for wine.” (They also had variations of the latter including: “Will run for chocolate” and “Will run for beer.”) If only there was a shirt that said, “Will run for wine, chocolate, ice cream, starbucks frappacinos and keeping my butt from growing to elephant size” I would have purchased it in a heartbeat! Those shirts really got me thinking about why I run/exercise in general. Here are the first 10 reasons I thought of:

1) The gloriously sweaty, fatigued yet energized, feeling when you finish a workout

2) To beat my last race time (even if only by 1 second)

3) Walking by a mirror and seeing my calf muscles

4) Being able to splurge on ice cream, chocolate, starbucks, wine, beer, pizza, etc without feeling TOO guilty

5) The energy it gives me throughout my whole day

6) The sense of accomplishment I feel after long runs (especially the marathon)

7) Staving off diseases associated with the sedentary (no type-2 diabetes for me!)

8) Another reason to shop! (Yay for new workout clothes)

9) Getting to plan trips to sunny, warm places (since I’m not a fan of running in the cold, rain or snow)

10) Always having a reason to set a new goal (be it a time goal for a run or being able to hold a yoga pose for 30+ seconds or adding a few more bicep reps)

And a few things I could live without:
BLISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Black toe nails, Piriformis Pain, Chaffing and getting up at 5:00am to get in my workouts. Luckily, most of these are temporary inconveniences.

As Justin, my husband, and I celebrate our first anniversary in California this weekend at the winery we got married at, we will be toasting our great relationship with many glasses of wine without a guilty thought knowing we’ll run it off next week. Here’s to running for wine!