Friday, June 27, 2008

Motivation Matters...

On the same vain as POM's last post about items that can turn your frown upside down...I was thinking about things that motivate me to put down the ice cream carton, go the extra mile or do one more rep. Here is what I came up with:

1. My health (I love that Target commerical that has the old man who says "here's to living long and loving every minute of it.)

2. Setting goals (and acheiving them!)

Rock n Roll Marathon Arizona...January 2009!----->

4. Giselle (wouldn't it be nice? I'll be my own version of Giselle after about 10 more pounds lost...I can do it!)

5. Tropical vacations (like the Hawaiian vacation I'm taking in July...bikini season is here!)

6. All the blog posts I read and podcasts I listen really helps knowing there are others out there sweatin' to the oldies (or in my case most likely hip hop) just like me!

So...what motivates you???

(To totally copy POM's style of posing a question at the end of her post...what can I say...imitation is a form of flattery right?)

**Little unknown fact about me. I use my cell phone as my alarm clock and can title each alarm with a different name...every week day I get up at the same time (5:00am) but I have a different title for every morning..."Bikini season is coming...," "let's work those legs" (yes, seriously this is one), "ready for an a**kickin" (Hot Thick Chick, can you guess what day that is for??), "Run Faster," and "TGIF." (Guess that last one has less to do with working out but it is still a morning motivator.)**