Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebrating an Anniversary

Over the weekend, Justin and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We packed a picnic and spent the day at the winery we were married at on June 23, 2007 (Young's Vineyard in Plymouth, CA). The day was filled of reminiscing and of course, good wines! Sadly, we didn't do much training this weekend though we managed a short run this morning before heading on the 11 hour drive back to Portland. Today on our drive back we came up with a few top 10 lists.

Top Alisa-isms said over the past 5 years:
1. Rise and Sun (of course, I meant, rise and shine)

2. I like nature (said when discussing things we liked)

3. Puffeted Tuffins (I meant Tufted Puffins, the bird)

4. Milkshake, in a glass (where else would one be???)
Memorable Happenings in our First Year of Marriage:

1. Our honeymoon (How could you not love Bora Bora?? Snorkeling off our overwater bungalow everyday, biking around the entire island, basking in the sun...'Nuf said!)

2. Seeing each other at the end of the SD Marathon (for me, knowing he had to wait over two hours for me to which time he made a sign for me and patiently waited at the finish line)

3. Giving/receiving our first husband/wife cards

4. Deciding to get a puppy (we will add little Zoey to our family in late August/early September)

Pantheon List of Adventures since 2003:

1. Our many trips across the globe (Australia, New Zealand, Driving across the US, Mexico, California wine trips...)

2. Living together on both coasts

3. Camping, biking, hiking
4. Creating traditions (like every other Valentine's Day one person cooks for the other)

...and the lists could go on and on....BUT this is supposed to be primarily a running blog so I won't bore you all with the sappy stuff.
This week I'm adding a speedwork day...probably Monday or Tuesday...I used the RW calculator to determine both my tempo speed and my speedwork drills. Stay tuned on my progress.

Also, as this blog title implies I have a few ambitious aspirations for the coming months. I thought I would devote a new sidebar item to my training goals so you can all keep me accountable. I should have these up tomorrow.

I will leave you with a before and a one year later picture of Justin and I at Young's Winery.